The electricity in the village us very unreliable, there are power cuts almost daily. Those people who are lucky enough to have a well put water tanks up high, usually on the roof. They use an electric pump to fill them up, they then have a supply of water when there is no electricity. The switches on the pumps are manual so sometimes water can be wasted when the pumps are not switched off.



There is no organised garbage collection in the village. Organic waste is fed to the animals and what is left is burnt in small piles, in the garden or in the field or just by the roadside.

We will have to carefully consider our waste management plan for the school.



Water is a precious and vital resource. Wells are the main source of water here in the village. Families have private ones in their compounds, some are shared. There is a water pipe supplied by the government with taps on the main road however this supply is only turned on here for a couple of hours in the evening.

There is plenty of water in monsoon season but the following dry season is long and some of the wells dry up. We will have to treat water with respect, finding ways to be as efficient as possible.


Shade 2

There are trees on the site that cast shade on the road in the afternoon, you will often find people sitting here relaxing. This shows the importance of protection from the sun for the buildings and for the children. Perhaps we should provide sheltered areas outside so the students can relax in the shade.



This shows some of the many Pandals (temporary temples) built in the area for the Durga Puja (religious festival). Each community would erect one. They were all very impressive! They were built using a bamboo frame then covered in fabric to make them look like solid buildings then decorated using recycled or cheap materials. Some used recycled CDs, some had water fountains, some used papier mache to look like stone. All were lit up beautifully at night.

During the festival people would travel around to see them. There was a sense of pride attached to each one and there is a prize offered to the best one.